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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

PETA Protests 14-year-old’s Cow Raffle

In the past week 14-year old Logan Ward attempted to raise money for a summer trip to Europe.  After a family friend donated a cow from his farm, Logan began a raffle with the grand prize being the cow.  The winner of the raffle could either take possession of the living cow, or receive hundreds of pounds of beef.
That was when PETA got involved.  How did they respond? By sending hateful emails to Ward, including one with an interesting alternative fundraising idea.  The idea, presented by a PETA street team coordinator, was for Ward to hold a veggie dog sale, hosted by PETA’s “Lettuce Ladies.”  Not only did PETA suggest this idea – they provided a link to their website with half naked women dressed in lettuce doing inappropriate behaviors.  Can I remind you this boy is only 14-years old?

As expected, his parents were not impressed.  PETA’s attempt at mending the situation was by sending the family a gift basket.  However, that has not stopped the mass amounts of hate mail Ward has received from PETA supporters.

As a future veterinarian, nothing is more important to me than the well-being of animals.  That being said, I have absolutely no problem enjoying a nice steak every now and then… and maybe a cheeseburger… or two.  I understand everyone is entitled to their own beliefs, but when it comes to PETA and other extremists – how far is too far?   

Where should the line be drawn between “protecting” animals and harassing children?

Check out the article and decide for yourself.



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