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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Meals that Matter - Tyson Cares

Tyson Foods, Inc., unveiled a new truck in April of 2012. It's a 53-foot semi-trailer and it recently departed Tyson's headquarters in Arkansas towards disaster-stricken Moore, Oklahoma.

Meals that Matter

On board the truck? 20,000 pounds of meat, grills, volunteers, sanitation supplies, tents and Wi-Fi.

Josh Tyson, Chairman of Tyson Foods, announced that the company has always had a disaster-relief program that respond and mobilizes when people need it most. The Meals That Matter truck just puts a new face to the initiative.
Meals That Matter
Hot meals and a few supplies. I can't think of a better way to help those suffering in Moore than that.

Way to go Tyson!


Tuesday, May 14, 2013

McDonald's - Not Lovin' The Angus Burger Anymore


What’s your favorite food at McDonald’s - Chicken Nuggets, Quarter-Pounder with Cheese?  Hope it’s not the Third Pounder Angus Burger (or the Angus Snack Wrap).

With the price of beef on the rise, even large corporations such as McDonald’s have had to make some cutbacks – their first one being the Angus Burger.  The price of beef has risen as a result of last summer’s drought, with the price of beef carcasses rising 24 cents per hundred pounds (cwt) to hit $204.91 per cwt, a new record.

With McDonald’s already making cuts to their menu, how do you think this will affect other fast food chains?



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