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Thursday, April 1, 2010

A New Food Philosophy

Fad diets. Miracle weight loss pills. Drastic lifestyle and eating habit changes that more often than not begin with the letter, “V”.  What if it doesn’t need to come down to all of that? What if we took a better, more responsible look at eating healthy and stopped looking for loopholes in the nutritional system?

I am excited to DVR Jamie Oliver’s, Food Revolution, which will air on ABC Friday April 2, at 9/8 pm central.  I hope I am not let down, but from what I have read it will be one of the most honest approaches to de-bugging the food industry and taking a realistic approach at making balanced nutrition decisions in schools and homes.  

Jamie’s philosophy is that food has become an enemy when it should be a joy. America wants to place blame on food groups rather than consuming a portion-controlled diet of various foods and letting the nutritional values of those foods speak for themselves. For more information about Jamie Oliver's philosophy on food, please visit his website and watch the show! Don’t let us down Mr. Oliver!


  1. Very cool! Keep us updated on how it goes...

  2. It was a nice segment. I didn't realize that it has several episodes, so I need to get caught up. The approach is what I can really relate to. School lunches need to be the epitome of healthy food choices. This is the foundation to our future and we can make big differences if we work with school kids to make better food choices.



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