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Monday, September 13, 2010

California Girls, We're Unforgettable

You know the's been on repeat mode on the radio for weeks!

For some strange reason, I don’t think Katie Perry is singing about the type of “California Girls” this post is about. In fact I know she wasn’t because she spelled “gurls” wrong, and besides, cows don’t wear daisy dukes.

California Girls, or dairy cows, make up the largest sector of the U.S. dairy industry. Only seven countries in the world produce more cows’ milk than California cows alone. Bringing in around $4.6 billion dollars a year, they are responsible for the largest portion of sales among California’s over 250 food and fiber products within the agriculture industry.

California does a great job of advertising this important industry and you’ve seen a lot of their commercials on TV. The move to introducing consumers to Real California Farm Families is a great step in putting the right face on the Dairy Industry.

Something I found really neat on the website is a wine or beer and cheese pairing tool. You can just put in your favorite cheese and it suggests beer or wine that pairs well with the flavors of the cheese. You can also go at it from your favorite wine or beer and find the cheeses that go well with it.

Also, remember that 99% of California dairy farms are FAMILY OWNED! Maybe the grass is really greener where the California Girls produce the largest portion of our dairy products!

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