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Monday, January 31, 2011

Finding a Voice for Agriculture

In the recent January edition of BEEF magazine, Mike Apley DVM, PhD in clinical sciences at Kansas State University, expressed his thoughts on the next generation of agriculturalists. "Our agricultural youth are teaching us about finding our voice as a food animal industry in the seemingly hopeless maze of social media that is flying around in "the cloud" of cyberspace." explains Dr. Apley. Check out the full article Here.

His example of the next generation of agriculturalists is KSU's Food for Thought group. Food for Thought's members work to effectively educate, and engage others in conversation about the animal agricultural industry and where their food comes from.

"We have a whole new generation of leaders in agriculture bent on aggressively communicating our story to their peers." Dr. Apley continues.

Members of Food for Thought aren't the only ones striking up conversations...check out what some of these folk's have to say...

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