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Friday, March 4, 2011

Heart Healthy BEEF

The American Heart Association just recently identified three beef cuts that fit its Food Certification Program. The program places a heart check mark on products that meet criteria for saturated fat and cholesterol content. The three beef cuts that met the American Heart Association's criteria for extra lean and now are certified to display the heart-check mark include:
•Boneless Top Sirloin Petite Roast (select grade)
•Top Sirloin Filet (select grade)
•Top Sirloin Kabob (select grade)

The certificiation is due in large part to efforts by The Beef Checkoff Program. The heart check mark is a easily identifiable icon to consumers - in fact, 75% of primary grocery shoppers say that the heart check mark improves the likelihood that they will purchase the product.

There are over 25 cuts of beef the meet USDA standards for 'lean' including the T-Bone, sirloin, flank steak and 95% lean ground beef. "Lean beef helps Americans build a healthy diet and manage their waistline because one three-ounce serving provides 10 essential nutrients for about 154 calories, helping you meet the new Dietary Guidelines," says Cheryl Hendricks, a registered dietitian with the National Cattlemen's Beef Association.

So next time you're at the grocery store - fill up your cart with some heart healthy beef, chock full of ZIP (zinc, iron and protein) products like the sirloin. Your family will love you for it!

** Statistics and information in this post were taken from Sirloin earns heart-healthy rating, an article recently featured in Drover's CattleNetwork ** 

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