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Friday, April 29, 2011

In Appreciation

On behalf of the entire Food For Thought organization, I would like to express our gratitude towards those of you who attended the Upson Lecture last night at the Kansas Farm Bureau building.
"Good news is that people care, they are asking the questions about Ag. Those kind of things don't happen often enough and we have to take advantage."
United States Senator Jerry Moran gave an amazing lecture on where Kansas stand and why Agriculture is an imperative part of our economy, history and future. As a group of young advocates, he said some inspiring things that we plan on repeating out in the trenches to consumers across the country.
"You will not be in business as an Agriculturist if all you can do is grow a crop."
We, as a group, are also honored to have the support of the community of Manhattan, Kansas State and Kansas Agriculture. Through these networks we gain wisdom and guidance to keep sending out our message.

Our advisors are second to none. Dr. Dan Upson, the lectureship namesake, is one of the neatest people you will ever meet. He's dedicated a lifetime to animal health, feeding the population and inspiring a future generation of leaders in agriculture. Dr. Dan Thomson is our official advisor and the wings attached to our group. Dr. Thomson's drive to operate Food For Thought without inhibition is contagious and you can see how it changes the way we think.

I am excited to see what Food For Thought accomplishes in the coming months. Stay tuned on the blog, facebook or twitter!

My Best,

Tera Rooney

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