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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Health Conscious? Dining out? Can you do/be both?

I ran across this site the other day and I thought I'd share it with you all. The best part is, you can use it while you travel! I love the kids section as well.

Healthy Dining Finder




  1. I thought this looked pretty cool from your post and clicked on the link to try it out. But when I searched for healthy dining options in the Manhattan, KS, area, the results included McDonalds, IHOP, Panda Express, and a handful of other fast food.

    So am I really supposed to believe that these establishments have healthy dining options? I thought it was going to come up with organic, natural, raw, sustainable, or local-sourced food options. I guess I shouldn't have expected too much from this website, since America's benchmark for what qualifies as "healthy" is pretty ridiculous.

    Instead, I would suggest using this link to the Eat Well Guide by GRACE Communications Foundation:

  2. If you're a meat eater, will you eat completely vegan, health food for a dollar? Somebody did in this video. Warning: it's not your typical organic food though.

  3. Thanks for the input and reading our blog. I thought the website provided some insight into making healthier decisions when grabbing something on the go is the only option. Yes, I do believe that there are healthy options at a lot of the restaurants on the website. It all depends on portions and fitting the meals into your "food pyramid" for the day!

    If finding local-sourced and organic foods is how you make your food choices, then it sounds like the website you suggested is a good source.

    I vote with my pocket book every week at the grocery store to promote conventional agriculture practices. I believe in the industry and the food it provides conventionally. The great thing about our food system in the US is that you too can vote with your pocket book and from your comment I assume you lean more on the organic or natural side. We are fortunate to be able to choose.

    Reaching out to consumers and making sure they have the opportunity to connect with agriculture is a main goal of this blog. Sometimes we'll post tid-bits we find along the way. Either way, I am glad we have connected and thank you again for your interest!

    Tera Rooney



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