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Monday, June 18, 2012

Fun at the Feedyard

It's been a while since I've been on the blog. With final exams for my 2nd year of Vet School wrapped up and the start of summer full of mentorships and an internship, I've been a little tied up!

I am working at a commercial cattle feeding operation, often you will hear it called a feedyard, for the summer. A feedyard is either owned by a family or a company and cattle are brought into the yard to finish off feeding them before going to slaughter. Baby calves are raised on ranches across the US where they consume a lot of grass on pasture and begin to eat grain as they get older. When the calves are older they are sent to a feedyard for the final phase of feeding. Diets are formulated by nutritionists, health is monitored by veterinarians and employees are trained and dedicated to provide the best daily care of each and every animal in the yard. In Southwest Kansas a feedyard is a very common site. The climate and rural areas make it an ideal place to raise cattle. Did you know that if you drew a square from the Colorado border over to US Highway 183 width wise and from the Oklahoma border up to Interstate 70 height wise, inside that square on the map there are more than 60 feedlots?! That accounts for more than 60% of all feedlots in Kansas!
If you would like to learn more about a feedyard, check out this blog: Feedyard Foodie. She is a feedyard owner in Nebraska where she and her family run Will Feed. Her blog is a great look at what goes on every day at a feedyard and I hope you enjoy it.

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