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Friday, January 25, 2013

Super Bowl of Food Safety!

Super Bowl Sunday is coming up. Grab your goodies, get a good couch, did you know that more big screen TVs are sold during Super Bowl Season than any other time of year? Yeah, so go get a big screen!

Food safety should always be kept in mind when making grub for friends. What's my favorite kitchen tool to use during a banging Super Bowl party?


Best invention since hair spray, yes, that would be the slow cooker!

Have you thought about the correct temperatures, thawing practices and amount of food you can safely cook in a slow cooker? I didn't really think about it until I read the above article. I have also included a fact sheet for your info from the USDA.

I'm not really an NFL fan, so I'll be paying attention to who sings the National Anthem, who airs the funniest commercials and of course if anyone loses a piece of clothing in the halftime show! Will the wardrobe malfunction joke ever get old?

What's your favorite kitchen tool to break out during the big game?


  1. I use my slow cooker about 2 times a week for dinners, it is indispensable in our house!
    One Saturday, a few months back, I prepared about 12 different meals in bags to keep in the freezer when we needed something to just throw in the slow cooker for dinner.
    I have been tossing the entire contents of the bag (frozen) into the slow cooker! Shame on me! Thanks for posting this, I will now thaw my food before using the slow cooker!

  2. Thanks for commenting and reading, Katie! I know what you mean and glad I stumbled upon this info to post. It's always good to review food safety information from time to time.

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