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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Rachel Ramsey Cruze- Recorded Upson Lecture

Missed the last Upson Lecture, no worries watch it here! 

Learn more about the simple steps you can take to gain control of your finances through Rachel’s “Common Sense” approach by watching the recorded Upson Lecture today!
Another inspiring Upson Lecture took place last Tuesday, April 16th in front of a great crowd at the Kansas State University student union. Rachel Ramsey Cruze, daughter of renowned financial expert Dave Ramsey, was our distinguished speaker for the evening and she made quite an impact on students and professionals alike with her “Not So Common Sense” approach to managing money.

Rachel challenged us not to simply resign ourselves to the idea that in today’s world we must be shackled with a lifetime of debt to attain our dreams. Instead she opened our minds to new ways of thinking, encouraging us to have the discipline to improve our money management skills NOW in order to lead a life of financial freedom into the future.

Thanks to the many sponsors who made it possible to bring her valuable message to campus.



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