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Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Chipotle: Biting the Hand that Feeds It?

As of 2012, 81% of Americans were on the internet.  That means 81% of Americans are constantly being bombarded with informative - and misleading - information from Facebook, Twitter, and notably, a particular Hulu web series.   Chipotle Mexican Grill, has taken advantage of the world wide web to broadcast their web series, “Farmed and Dangerous” via Hulu.

While Chipotle uses the slogan, "Food With Integrity," I find the corporation to actually be quite lacking in integrity.  They created this series to attack modern-day “industrial” farming, while showing that local, natural and organic family farms are the only way to go.  While there is absolutely nothing wrong with supporting local and organic markets, it is wrong for Chipotle to mislead consumers with myths of modern farming.

Check out this recent guest editorial in response to Chipotle's attack on modern agriculture featured in K-State's student newspaper, the Collegian.  The contributor, Nathan Peterson, is a sophomore in agricultural technology management at K-State and is well known in the agriculture community for being one of the Peterson Farm Bros, from the Peterson Farm Bros YouTube videos.


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