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Monday, January 19, 2015

Super Bowl Commercials

The Super Bowl is less than two weeks away. Crazy how time flies, and there were some crazy games in the playoffs as well. Not going to lie, kind of disappointed that Jordy Nelson doesn't get to play in the Superbowl, but oh well (my K-State bias coming through).

Whether you watch the Super Bowl for the game itself or for the commercials, probably several of you will be watching one of the biggest sporting events of the year. Every year, companies spend millions of dollars for advertising spots during the game. Several of these commercials are the chance for companies to make a big splash on advertising to kick off the new year.

So I got to think about the best Super Bowl commercials, and there was one that came to the top of my list. The Dodge Ram commercial, "So God Made a Farmer." You can watch the ad here.

I remember exactly where I was when this commercial aired. Several of my vet school classmates got together to watch the big game. We were all around visiting about the game, reflecting on life, and having fun. Then the commercial came on the television. Our attention all tuned into the tv, and nobody said a word. You could have heard a pen drop. It was that captivating!

Now this wasn't the first time I have heard this speech given by Paul Harvey before. He gave this speech at a National FFA convention in 1978. Now I wasn't around back then, but other people made me aware of it before because it had that much of an impact on them when they heard it in person. Paul Harvey was a radio icon that I listened to growing up as well. His "News and Comments" and "Rest of the Story" always provided great insight into things. In fact, we always tried to arrange lunch to occur after Paul Harvey's "News and Comments" concluded, so we could listen to it while working in the tractor.

Back to the ad by Dodge now. I tip my cap to the Dodge marketing people for taking the time to use expensive advertising to promote agriculture to the entire country. I could watch this ad over and over (in fact I did and recommend you do as well) to further gain knowledge and appreciation for what all the farmers and ranchers provide for this country. Thank you Dodge!

Now typically I always end my posts with a catchy phrase, "Until next time." Our own Dr. Dan Thomson ends his segments with, "I'll see you down the road." Today, I'll end with a phrase credited to Paul Harvey (and yes I hope you read it in his voice).

Good day!

Miles Theurer

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