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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Feliz Cinco De Mayo

Happy 5th of May! You may be thinking…now, what exactly does Cinco De Mayo have to do with food? Take a minute to learn a bit about the culture that surrounds this holiday. My hometown has a large population of primarily Spanish-speaking families, and I can tell you that the Mexican American culture revolves around the dinner table. From celebrations of birth, to Quinceanera’s, to traditional holidays it all comes down to a large spread of food, amazing company, and festive music.

Market researchers interested in the trends of the U.S. Food Industry have payed special attention to the influence that Hispanic American families have on the purchasing trends in the marketplace. With a growing Hispanic American population, over the past decade we have seen an increase in foods and products that are unique to this culture. Hispanic Americans are considered to include Spanish-speaking people of Spain, Mexico, Central and South America. Here are some interesting differences that the USDA has referenced in Hispanic American spending habits at the grocery store:


  • Since families are usually larger, food purchases are also higher.
  • Food plays a huge role in the culture of Hispanic Americans.
  • On average, more families prepare and serve home cooked meals more often when compared to other cultures.
  • A good appetite is associated with good health in Hispanic culture.
  • Fresh and authentic fruits, vegetables and products are highly sought after in the grocery store.
  • On average, Hispanic families consume 36 pounds of beans per capita, compared to 6 pounds consumed in non-Hispanic families.
  • Milk is not as commonly purchased.
  • Variety meat purchases increase in areas of high Hispanic populations. 
Enjoy the celebration today with your families. Find a new recipe to try, or hit up that authentic restaurant. Feliz Cinco de Mayo!

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