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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Food, Inc. Follow Up

Last month I blogged about My Reactions to Food, Inc.. In a nutshell, I thought the movie was a clearly biased attempt to push a food agenda that portrayed farmers and ranchers in an unfair light in the process.

After Food, Inc. was played on Kansas Public TV earlier this month, a locally-produced round table titled “Taking Stock: Perspectives on Food Production in Kansas”, was aired to gain a Kansas perspective on the movie and issues it presented. Panelists included:

Josh Svaty, Kansas Secretary of Agriculture

Steve Baccus, president of the Kansas Farm Bureau

Dan Nagengast, director of the Kansas Rural Center

Mark Smith, president of the Kansas Livestock Association

Diana Endicott, coordinator of a cooperative called “Good Natured Family Farms”

John Carlin, former Kansas governor and visiting professor in the political science department at K-State.

The program is hosted by Kelly Lenz, Kansas Agriculture Network Farm Director, AM 580 WIBW radio. You can watch this YouTube video for a preview or follow the directions below to view the entire program.

Click here for the YouTube Video preview.

You can also view the entire program for free on iTunes. Go to the iTunes Store. Select iTunesU. Look under “Beyond Campus” for KTWU’s programs. Then select “Taking Stock.”



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