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Thursday, July 1, 2010

Open Minds and Full Stomachs

It always amazes me how opinions change when people take the time to talk with others who don’t necessarily share their same experiences. That’s exactly what happened to Ryan Andrews, a vegan who recently took it upon himself to visit a Colorado feedlot.

Ryan quickly realized that things he had thought about feedlots before weren’t necessarily true. For example, the classifications of “factory farm” and “family farm” fell apart when Ryan realized most production agriculture operations – including the larger ones – are in fact family owned and operated.

In addition, Ryan’s perception that cattle in feedlots eat only corn changed when he saw the rations at the Gabel’s feedlot were made up of anywhere from 0 to 50 percent corn.

Click here to read the full reaction straight from the vegan who visited the feedlot.

After criticism, Ryan clarified his position. In no way is he advocating for meat production. He is a vegan after all. Rather, Ryan is simply encouraging people to open their minds and talk to others with varying opinions about the best way to fill your stomach. In particular, he recommends reaching out to hear from the people producing the food. In doing so, you will definitely learn something and your perceptions may even shift. Ryan’s certainly did.

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