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Monday, June 21, 2010

Racing for Team Beef

Happy first day of summer! Summer means lots of things – sun, pool, grilling and outside activities. I celebrated the first day of summer with the last two – a good burger and a bike ride. We talk a lot on this blog about food and the importance of a balanced diet. I think it’s important to remember that physical activity also needs to be part of the equation.

I love hearing about how people use beef to fuel an active lifestyle. NCBA’s Daren Williams maintains a great blog The Beefman Bloggeth - “A chronicle of the adventures of BEEFMAN and other ‘weekend warriors’ who fuel physical activity with lean, nutrient rich BEEF!”

Recently, Daren wrote a great post about how Kansas rancher Barb Downey ran in the Boston Marathon.

Now The Kansas Beef Council has announced the Kansas Beef Endurance Team made up of athletes from all over Kansas that believe in the nutritional benefits of lean beef and its vital role fueling their training. Athletes who are selected receive training on the nutritional value of beef, a team beef jersey and help paying for race entry fees. Click here for more information or to apply. Other states have introduced similar programs. Check the Beef Council Web site in your state to see if they’re participating in the race to recruit team beef runners!

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