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Monday, June 14, 2010

Foodie Feature: The Barfblog

You may have noticed that some of my posts have directed you other places for information. It's my opinion that when someone already puts it out there - why re-write it? That's the purpose of beginning a series of posts entitled, Foodie Feature.

These posts will feature blogs, sites, people, etc. that do a wonderful job of teaching the concepts that Food For Thought aims to relay to consumers from this blog. Strap on a seat belt because this could go anywhere! Enter drum roll, and probably an awfully timed crash of a cymbal and...

The first Foodie Feature is of the Barfblog. This blog comes to you by the works of Dr. Douglas Powell. He is an Associate Professor of Food Safety at Kansas State University where the blog is a guiding principle of the work done for the International Food Safety Network (iFSN) at Kansas State. There is an abundance of information on this site and I encourage you to click through the many categories of food safety posts. Anywhere from animal welfare to E. Coli. From how to thaw a turkey to how many seconds to scrub your hands. 

Food safety is at the core of production agriculture in the United States. We are home to the safest, most reliable food system in the world. It is truly because of work done at institutions like the iFSN, and I hope you enjoy and take knowledge away from the work they are putting out!

For more information on the work being done at the iFSN, please visit their website. 

As their montra goes...Don't eat poop!

 - Tera Rooney

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