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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Time for Grilling....Safely

Well, it's that time of the year again.  It's summertime and grilling and BBQ'ing are at their peak.  Backyard meals are a great time for everyone, whether youre grilling a flank steak for fajitas or preparing the perfect pork loin for a family reunion.  However, when you're armed with your fork in one hand don't forget to fill the other one with a meat thermometer.  Many people don't pay attention to meat temperatures - just because it looks done doesn't mean it is done.  Heck, it might even be TOO done and nobody likes tough, dry meat.  Did you know that even though you have taken it off the grill, meat temperatures still increase 5 degrees after removal?  To avoid improperly cooking your meat, refer to the following guidelines:

Ground Meats: Pork, Beef and Lamb:  160 °F
                       Chicken and Turkey: 165 °F

Steak and Lamb: Medium-Rare 145 °F
                           Medium 155 °F
                           Medium-Well 165 °F
                           Well Done 170 °F

Poultry:  Chicken & Turkey, Whole 180 °F
              Breast Meat 170 °F
              Thighs, Wings & Legs 180 °F
              Duck & Goose 180 °F
**Salmonella is killed at 165 °F

Pork: Medium-Rare 150 °F
         Medium 160 °F
         Well Done 170 °F
**Many people worry about trichinosis and tend to overcook pork. However, trich is killed at 140 °F.

To get some great recipe ideas for your next grilling experience,visit these sites for pork, lamb, beef and chicken recipes.  Hopefully, these tips will ramp up the safety, and flavor, at your next backyard gathering.  Enjoy!

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