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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Foodie Feature: Farm Vets

I had to post a link to one of my favorite blogs to follow. This blog has a very interesting angle and really gives consumers a picture of daily life on a farm.

The Farm Vet

A husband and wife duo post snippets of what goes on during a normal day in the life of a large animal veterinarian. Located in California, the couple shows videos and pictures about procedures, adventures and down right interesting things that they may encounter.

Large animal veterinarians are doctors that choose to practice on larger animals like horses, cattle, hogs, sheep, alpaca, llamas, etc. Many times these practices include working with animals that will eventually be rendered for food. It is important that people who produce and work with food animals have a strong relationship with a veterinarian to increase animal health and continue producing safe food product for us to eat.

The life of a large animal veterinarian isn't an easy one, as you will find from reading the Farm Vet blog. Currently there is a large shortage of people willing to enter the large animal field. It is an issue that has been in the news lately and deserves national attention because these are the veterinarians that help ensure food safety and national security.

Follow the Farm Vet's blog and if you enjoy that you can even "like" them on facebook!

All my best,

Tera Rooney


  1. Hi Tera! I just saw this and wanted to thank you for bringing attention to the important issue of the shortage of food animal veterinarians. Your posts are great! I'm going to add your link to our farm vet blog. Take care!

  2. Thanks so much! I enjoy your blog so much and appreciate you following ours. Food For Thought is a group of driven students and Alumni of Kansas State University who just want to work to bridge the gap between producers and consumers of food. I am starting Vet School this fall and look forward to working as a food animal veterinarian someday.



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