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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Getting to know your BEEF

Did you know that ground beef and hamburger aren't the same product? I didn't either until recently, while on Twitter, social media friend iTweetMeat brought up that point. Upon further investigation I discovered the main difference between the two similar products.

Beef fat may be added to hamburger, but not ground beef. Regardless of this addition, neither hamburger or ground beef may contain more than 30% fat. So, when shopping for a lean product just check the label - for example 80/20 indicates 80% lean-20% fat and 93/7 indicates 93% lean-7% fat.

Additional facts about ground beef and hamburger that you may not have known:
1. All meat transported and sold in interstate commerce is federally inspected according to the Federal Meat Inspection Act.
2. Ground beef and hamburger are made from the less tender cuts of meat on the animal - grinding tenderizes the meat and the fat reduces the dryness and adds flavor.
3. When cooking ground beef or hamburger - always remember "Safe and Savory at 160" - cook these products to 160 degrees to ensure a meal that is free of harmful bacteria.
4. When choosing a product at the store, select a package that feels cold and is not torn. Once you have the product at home, store it at 40 degrees or below or freeze it.

For more information of wholesome, safe and nutritious beef visit the USDA Meat Prep site or Beef: It's What's for Dinner.
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