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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Happy Flag Day | Let's have a picnic!

There are several holidays this summer that call for the use of this.......
If food is not prepared safely, it might also call for the use of this...

The last thing I would want to happen on a picnic is for yours truly to be spending the day in the port-a-potty. I don't wish that on my WORST enemy! If you are packing up a basket and throwing out a blanket, lets think about some food safety tips first!

Why are picnic foods subject to being hazardous?
  • Handling - picnic foods are often handled a lot, think watermelon and hamburger patties. Handling foods increases the chance of contamination by bacteria.
  • Sitting out - picnic foods are often left out for long periods of time. Warm temperatures in foods that should be kept cold promotes bacterial growth.
Things I didn't know about keeping picnic food safe.
  • Melons - a personal favorite of mine! Cut melons need to be kept cold. Bacteria is commonly found on the rind of watermelons and cantaloupes and when the melon is cut it is often transferred to the tasty part. Melons are not acidic like a lot of other fruits, so there is no back up bacteria killer! By keeping the fruit cold you can greatly reduce the growth of bacteria on your juicy fruit.
  • Mayonnaise - by itself is very acidic and prevents bacterial from growing when warmer temperatures are reached. When mayonnaise is mixed with other foods it is a whole new game. When in doubt, keep mayonnaise products cold!
Want more information?
Happy Flag Day, go have a safe picnic!

Tera Rooney

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