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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Misery loves company...

They say if you want to complain about something in agriculture, someone somewhere else has it worse. Now, I'm not going to downplay any devastation across the midwest agriculture belt simply because it's bad no matter where you are it seems. Misery loves company and people really ban together in the face of destruction.

While many residents in the Missouri Valley are dealing with this...
Flooding in an IA corn field.

Doesn't it just about make you sick that so many counties in Kansas are dealing with this?
Contrast of parched land next to an irrigated KS wheat field earlier this spring.

I guess I hope this post makes you stop and think of everyone who is affected by the extreme weather this summer and will be dealing with it on a day to day basis. Many farmers and ranchers are in danger of losing precious ground that has been in production for generations whether it be to a flood or extreme drought. It's going to be a rough summer for many, but agriculturists are pulling their boots on every day and digging their heels in to the ground to hang on for the ride.

I thought these maps were neat, well neat might not be the word to use...

Counties in Kansas affected by severe drought.

Areas in the Missouri River Valley affected by the severe flooding.

Praying for those involved,

Tera Rooney

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