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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Keep Families Farming...still!

I know you all read the last post about the #Keepfamiliesfarming campaign that I participated in because of the recent DOL move to remove children as workers from farms.

If you'd like to read another one, I'm going to send you to a fellow Food For Thought blogger's personal blog. Brandi Buzzard gave her two cents on the topic also.

Also, I was remembering a few things that my dad taught me growing up while helping on the farm. These safety and conservation tips were ingrained in my mind at a very young age because I had the opportunity to help him on the farm.
  • ALWAYS slow down at a dirt road intersection that has corn growing on both sides. Even if there is no stop sign, you have to yield because you can't see who is coming. 
  • SAFETY GLASSES are the most important investment you can make for employees because our eye sight is so precious. 
  • GRAIN BINS and SILAGE PITS are the most dangerous places to be on a farm and kids simply aren't allowed there. 
  • LOOK AROUND! You have to be aware of large machinery running around the farm and keep yourself at a safe distance. 
  • ELECTRICITY is not a fun toy, it's serious business. We always had to check the electric fences for the cows and learned the safe way to do that. Also when working on a sprinkler for irrigation we always had to be sure the power was off.
  • DIRT BLOWING means that precious top soil is being lost. Farmers are stewards of the land and do everything within their power to prevent this loss to erosion.

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