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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Managing Manure

Today we get to talk about crap.

I bet you didn't think that poop could be such a big deal, huh? 

Manure management is a huge part of raising livestock and it's something that farmers (who raise crops off of the land) and ranchers (who raise animals) work together on every day.

On our farm, we are surrounded by several large cattle feedyards. This is convenient because the manure is really close to the ground we farm. We spread manure on our fields as a natural fertilizer every year, and it also helps the feedyards get rid of excess manure they may have on site.

Everyone's talking about poop!

Streamed online today at Kansas State Research and Extension, they're talking about reducing phosphorus levels in waste water from cattle feedyards. Check it out here.

Kansas Environmental Management Associates have developed a system that reduces the amount of phosphorus in waste water. It's called a Phred! You can read about it here.

Sick of me talking crap? I'll stop. Just thought you might be a little interested!



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