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Thursday, September 27, 2012

The Great Bacon Barter Campaign

So I just heard about one of the coolest freaking things EVER.

Oscar Meyer, in an brilliantly genius marketing strategy, has decided to employ comedian Josh Sankey as a spokesperson for their new 'thick-cut' bacon product. No big deal, right?

I could even argue that no spokesperson is needed to move bacon off the shelves. It has even been called "The Gateway Meat" by many for its power in swaying former vegetarians back into the realm of meat-eating.

But this marketing campaign is truly innovative. Oscar Meyer is sending Josh on a cross-country campaign to promote the product, even giving him a truck and refridgerated trailer for his journey.

However, the only thing he will be taking with him is 3,000 lbs of their new bacon. He will have to make it across the country by bartering with bacon in exchange for food, gas and even a place to sleep.

He will be available by social media such as Twitter and Facebook and has even claimed that if you make him an offer, he may swing through your neighborhood on his trek!

Check out this Youtube video which should tell you more!


I'm heading home now to cook up some bacon myself, writing this post has me drooling.
Hyatt Frobose

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