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Sunday, February 24, 2013

Favorite Posts of the Past


If you haven't caught some of these posts, I wanted to make sure you had easy access to them. These are the posts that generate the most attention on our blog. Please take a moment to read them if you are interested and haven't gotten a chance to do so. Hyatt Frobose hit it out of the park with the post coming in at the Number One spot! Maybe that will convince him to write some more posts for you guys!!!

  1. Does America Need a Fat Tax - 6607 pageviews
  2. Extra Extra Read All About It - 4532 pageviews
  3. Sweet Corn Vs Field Corn - 3966 pageviews 
  4. Colorful Cauliflower - 2908 pageviews
  5. Getting to Know Your Beef - 2601 pageviews
What has been your favorite post on the blog?



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