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Monday, February 18, 2013

Life of a Farmer: January

The Peterson Farm Bros are a household name around here in Kansas. They have been creating funny parody videos about life on a Kansas farm. However, here's a video I think you will really like if you are more interested in the serious side of this trio.

This video takes you through the day-to-day operations on their farm during the month of January. I will be sure and post February's on here as soon as they release it. I have a feeling these videos will get more and more exciting as the year progresses.

My dad spends a lot of the winter months meeting with bankers, preparing his taxes, updating machinery, looking at seed contracts and preparing for the busy spring and summer months ahead. We have cattle that keep us busy in the winter, as all of our cows and heifers are bred to give birth in the winter. We do this so that when they are growing and demanding the most from their mama's, we have lush green pastures to turn them out on in the spring and summer. Lately, since we have been in a drought, there is not one thing that resembles lush in our pastures. We have to supplement the grass that they graze with other feed sources.



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