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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Behind The Blogger: Hyatt Frobose

Good Afternoon!
My name is Hyatt Frobose and I am a new blogger for Food For Thought. I am a 23-year old graduate student in Swine Nutrition and the Assistant Livestock Judging Coach at Kansas State University. I'm excited to get my first post on the blog although I must admit I am far from experienced in the art of blogging.

A little more about myself: I grew up in the town of Pemberville in northwest Ohio where my family had a small cow/calf and feedlot operation as well as a couple hundred acres of corn, wheat and soybeans. My dad works as an agricultural extension agent for Ohio State University and my mother is a veterinarian working with both livestock and small animals. As they both held off-farm jobs, we spent most of our evenings taking care of the livestock or crops. Being immersed in agriculture as a young boy inspired me to get involved in youth activities like 4-H and FFA and ultimately to pursue my degree in animal science.

Hailing from a state with a much larger population than Kansas, I feel like I bring a different perspective to the table, as a passionate agriculturalist I can still put myself in the position of the urban consumer and understand their side of the coin. I am a proud livestock producer and an avid consumer of the stock I raise (ask my fiance, Brandi Buzzard, as she has to eat all the pork and beef I cook).

I want to voice my support to everyone in agriculture nationwide for mobilizing and making our voices heard by consumers everywhere. Although I know that there is alot of consumer distrust with farmers and ranchers today, to me it is more from a lack of accurate information or misrepresentation by special interest groups like the Humane Society of the United States and the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals.

As a consumer viewing this blog, I commend you for taking the time to learn more about those who proudly produce the food on your family's plate. I think some of you may laugh at the image below, but this was posted in an actual newspaper and it demonstrates how far some people are removed from the food they eat.

Until next time,

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