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Friday, October 15, 2010

Football and Food

If you missed last night's game K-State beat KU 59-7 in the sunflower state showdown and I can't hide my excitement. So, I decided not to fight it and instead talk about tying my passion for agriculture to my love for K-State. For example, this is my favorite T-shirt, which I happen to be wearing at a K-State football tailgate earlier this year.

K-State's Collegiate Cattlewomen sell the "I heart Beef" shirts for $10 a piece. Proceeds go to CCW activities and beef promotions. You can order one yourself by emailing CCW President Callie Jo Williams at

CCW also sells these "Eat Beef" license plates.

You can learn more about ordering plates here.

Finally, I'm going to share a picture of some K-State students at a previous K-State/KU football game.

Now I'm not advocating for making fun of people's weight, but I would like you to remember wherever you go and whatever you do, your activities are fueled by food provided by farmers and ranchers.

Food is a big part of football for most fans - whether it be your signature dip or something special on the grill. So whatever your team of choice, take a chance before your next game to stop and think about where the pre-game burgers, beer, chips and salsa came from and thank the food producers who help fuel your life.


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