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Monday, October 18, 2010

Foodie Feature: Soul Feeding Farmers

When I came across a news release that announced the non-profit status of a grassroots organization of young people with a passion for all things Ag, I wanted to send my applause all the way to California! Alexis, Salvador, Steve, Taylor and Joe were frustrated with our generation's lackluster views on where our food comes from. They aim to educated and excite people of the millennial generation. We have an abundance of choices available to us at the grocery store and this group wants us to become more aware and appreciative of that fact.

I Love Farmers They Feed My Soul are known for their aggressive approach to advocacy in social media networks. They have officially become a non-profit organization complete with a board of directors. I love that they are "rocking" the industry with an eccentric and youthful approach rather than the aged conservative appearance our industry usually receives.

Browse their website.

Follow their blog.

Retweet their tweets.

Like their facebook page.

Because they are doing a great job of promoting the farmers and ranchers who are work hard to feed our country...and our souls!

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