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Thursday, December 16, 2010

American Beef wins International taste test

At the recently held SIAL exhibition, the largest international food and beverage trade show, US beef products came out on top over competitors from several countries.

Over 1,000 visitors took park in a blinded taste test where American striploins, top blades and flank steaks were compared to those from Argentina, Ireland, Germany and France. An impartial French market research firm compiled the results.

US beef was chosen over the other countries for both the striploins and top blades, with improved tenderness coming in as one of the main factors behind its success. What was also interesting was that consumers were able to recognize the US product over 40% of the time, while for most other countries less than 15% of consumers could recognize the country of origin. However, consumers did recognize the French steaks 21% of the time, as the French steaks consistently finished at the bottom of the pack.

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Hyatt Frobose


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