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Thursday, December 30, 2010

A Year in Review: Food For Thought

It's been a big year for Food For Thought and to thank all of you, I thought it'd be interesting to review some of the happenings:
  • This year we've had 7,238 visitors to our blog.
  • Our top two posts receiving visits were: Getting to Know Your Beef and Temple Grandin Lecture
  • Most of our traffic is direct refferal and of course Facebook.
  • Our visitors are from 104 different countries.
  • Our top five states are: 1. Kansas, 2. California, 3. Missouri, 4. Texas, and 5. New York.
  • We continue to keep up with a twitter account that I encourage you to follow.
  • We hosted a speaker for the Upson Lecture Series - Dr. Temple Grandin
We'd like to thank you for a fun year of blogging and bridging the gap between producers and consumers. We've all enjoyed seeing Food For Thought gain interest and look forward to a successful 2011!

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