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Thursday, December 23, 2010

Farmers Night Before Christmas


Twas the night before Christmas when down on the farm
The animals were resting in the warm, cozy barn.

Now was the time to reflect on the past year
Saying thank you for all the great things they had here.

A calf had been born to the brown and white cow
All bedded in straw from up in the hay mow.

The horses they whinnied with such a great joy
They were a present picked out for the farmer’s young boy.

The pigs they all squealed with every ounce of their might
For the farmer’s wife gave them extra apples tonight.

Even the dogs gave a bark to say thanks
While wagging their tails the children all yank.

A nice quiet night is what they all thought
But little did they know quiet it was not.

When what to their wondering eyes should appear
But the farmer’s whole family had all gathered here.

First there was mom who gathers up all the eggs
And her cute little toddler clung tight to her legs.

Next was the farmer all warm in his coat
And his brown headed boy with his brand new toy boat.

Come Susie! Come Matthew! Come Peter and Paul!
Quick Jenny! Quick Sarah! Come close to the stall.

To the animals they went with treats all in tow
For their gratitude to those creatures they must show.

The pigs all got apples for giving them bacon.
The cows all got hay for the milk they’ve been makin’.

Benny and Penny, the Labs, got new bones.
Their cute little puppies were going to new homes.

As the family and animals all gathered round
The snow started falling softly to the ground.

Even the animals enjoy Christmastime
Giving joy to the family without spending a dime.

They all danced around to frolic and play
As the farmer dropped down to his knees to say:

Thank you for my family and country home
And a nice big area where my animals can roam.

I promise to take care of the creatures and land
And the people who lend a warm, helping hand.

Thank you for the freedom to do what I do
To produce food and fuel so others may have too.

Time had come for the family to call it a night.
The children needed sleep though fight it they might.

To the door they all went while waving goodbye.
What a night this has been they said with a sigh.

Once they retreated the animals all lowed.
For this was the best Christmas one cow bellowed.

They all settled in to get a good rest.
The family they had was clearly the best.

Provide for them they would with all of their might.
That’s what they must do after a night like tonight.

Christmas on the farm is a sight to behold.
Merry Christmas to all, both the young and the old.

- Adapted December 2010 by Aimee Chandler

Hope you enjoyed this as much as I did! Merry Christmas to you and yours!


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